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About the company
I am confident that we will be able to achieve the results that we set for ourselves. I believe in the team that works at the enterprise, in its understanding of what is happening, competence, qualifications, ability to work together.

We have managed to improve our products in many ways, which are currently in demand by many companies, and today we are the only manufacturers of this type of equipment in Russia and CIS countries.

An extensive distribution network works for us — today our trading partners are perhaps our most valuable capital. As well as the high reputation of "BOMZ" in the business environment among business partners for the quality of products and the fulfillment of delivery dates.
Konstantin Vladimirovich Chaika, General Director of BMZ

Factory now
Borovichi Experimental Machine - building Plant
Borovichi Experimental Machine-Building Plant has been operating in the market of special technological equipment for more than 87 years. Over its more than 80-year history, the company has accumulated extensive experience in the production of small-scale mechanization and various kinds of non-standard equipment. The determining factor in the history of the company's development was the ability to find non-standard technological solutions and develop a high-quality product for a comprehensive solution of consumer problems. BOMZ is engaged in the production and supply of non-standard equipment throughout Russia and the CIS. The company develops and manufactures industrial manipulators, lifting devices and mechanisms, hydraulic trolleys and tilters, as well as crushers for plastic processing. All this makes it possible to automate technological processes at industrial enterprises.

The company's developments have received several different awards. The Borovichi experimental machine-building plant is included among the laureates of the national competition "National Quality Mark", and the equipment produced by the plant was included in the TOP 100 best goods of Russia and the TOP 10 best goods and services of the Novgorod region. Currently, the company is the only manufacturer of this type of equipment in the CIS. The plant has earned respect not only from its customers and partners, but also from leading experts in the engineering field. BOMZ products are widely used in many enterprises of mechanical engineering, light, food, nuclear, metallurgical and other industries and are supplied to the central regions of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

In addition to the development and production of industrial equipment, the plant carries out mechanical processing and cutting of metal. Also, a sewing area is equipped on the territory of the plant, where according to the drawings it is possible to sew individual products: covers for machinery, equipment, wheels, suits, luggage bags, etc.

History of the plant
«Легмаш». 1983 г.
We are now called long and complicated – "Borovichi Experimental Machine-building Plant", and once we were called simply "Knitting Needle" in an artel way. Yes, our factory "went-is" from the artel, organized in May 1934. The first staff of fifty people, as usual, produced the same knitting needles for the corresponding machines.
Further — more. During the war years, or, more precisely, in 1943, the Knitting Needle artel was renamed the Metalist artel, which produced not only needles, but also manual flat-flank knitting machines, ribbon-weaving units. They also repaired winding machines. The front needed warm clothes, parachutes, "sidors", and finally, the Borovichans did their job as best they could. And they did — conscientiously. After another 18 years, the artel became a factory, which in 1968 was renamed "Legmash". By this time, the company was already producing up to 1300 modernized flat-flank machines and up to 400 tape-spinning machines per year. In the year of the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth, "Legmash" has become closer to modernity – it is renamed "Borovichi Experimental Machine-building Plant Pktimash". According to the order of the Ministry, the enterprise began to specialize in the production of prototypes of non-standard equipment, metalworking machines and automatic lines developed by the Moscow PKTIMASH, in accordance with the plan of technical re-equipment of enterprises of the ministry. By this time, 190 people were already working at the plant. It is now that jobs are being cut, or, at best, preserved. And then the main trump card of socialism was the absence of unemployment. That's why the staff of the small factory was steadily expanding. And by 1984, 384 people were working at the plant. By that time, the plant had undergone a complete reconstruction, new production facilities, an administrative and household building, and a powerful cluster boiler house were built. The nomenclature of production – prototypes and batches of special technological equipment, technical equipment. It was these products that allowed us to keep the plant – neither the bolt was sold, nor the machine. The main staff was saved, 120 people remained to work instead of 300.

In general, despite all the difficulties, the Borovichi Experimental Machine-building plant has not lost its profile, it has "preserved its face": more than half of the equipment produced today belongs to the non-standard class. And at any moment borovichans can increase this percentage, there would be orders. The nomenclature of the SBM-150M Hinge-balancing manipulator manufactured since 1983 has been expanded. This type of equipment is constantly being upgraded and finds its buyer. Thus, the plant does not miss a single opportunity to improve its performance.
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