Meeting with the Novgorod Region Development Agency (ARNO)

The history of the Borovichi experimental Machine-building plant has 87 years. During this time, the plant experienced different times. Today, when new people have come to the management, the company begins a new round of development.

The plant plans to increase production capacity. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to modernize the equipment.

The plant's management recently discussed production plans and prospects, including residency, with Alexander Dementiev, Director of the Novgorod Region Development Agency (ARNO).

The regional government is interested in the development of enterprises. As of today, there are already five residents in the Borovichi TOSER, and the Borovichi Experimental Machine-Building Plant may well add to this list.

Also at the meeting with representatives of ARNO, the issue of attracting young specialists to the plant was discussed. There are intentions to cooperate with Borovichi technical schools and colleges, to accept students for practical training, to teach work on modern machines.